Public Bathing Information

Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, and Public Bathing Place Information

All public bathing places in Allegheny County are required to have a permit from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD).

Here are examples of facilities that are defined as public bathing places:

  • Community pools
  • Apartment pools
  • Hotel/motel pools
  • Wave pools
  • Waterslides
  • Gym pools
  • School pools
  • Condominium pools
  • Recirculating spray pads
  • Health Club Pools

Inspections of Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, and Other Public Bathing Places

We inspect every permitted bathing place once per year, unless a complaint is made. If we receive a complaint about a permitted location, we will visit the location shortly after the complaint is made for another inspection.

Here are some of the things we check for during our public bathing place inspections:

  • Chemical levels in the water
  • pH of the water
  • Proper record keeping for chemical and bacteriological testing
  • Current electrical inspection certificate
  • Lifeguard coverage and certifications
  • Proper safety equipment and first aid kit
  • General safety and health hazards (i.e. trip hazards)
  • Other general safety issues

File a Complaint About a Public Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, or Other Bathing Place

Do you have concerns about the safety or condition of a public swimming pool or other bathing place in Allegheny County? Please report your complaint to us by calling the Housing and Community Environment Program at 412-350-4046 or using our online Pool Complaint Form.

You can also search our current inspection reports for every permitted bathing place using our Online Pool and Spa Facility Search.

Are you planning on building or opening a new bathing place and need more information about permitting? Please check out Permitting Information for Public Bathing Places.