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The Public Health Information Office is responsible for disseminating the Health Department's message to the community.

Public Information assists the news media as they work on stories about how the department will respond to community needs. Public Information also maintains publications and the Health Department's website.

In addition, Public Information operates and maintains the Health Department's Telephone Service Center (412-687-2243), which processes citizen's complaints and provides answers to questions from consumers and businesses about the Department's functions.

Cheswick Generating Station Asbestos Inspection Reports

Since the demolition of the Cheswick Generating Station’s smokestacks on June 2, 2023, the Allegheny County Health Department has fielded several calls from residents with concerns about possible asbestos exposure. The ACHD’s Air Quality Enforcement Program performed several inspections of the smokestacks prior to their implosion. No known asbestos was present in the smokestacks at the time of the demolition.

Here are the asbestos abatement inspection reports for Cheswick Generating Station:

The ACHD ensures asbestos abatement was completed prior to demolition.

The Air Quality Program does not regulate or inspect for lead paint or other hazards associated with demolition activities. The dust kicked up by the demolition did affect air quality in the short term. The dust cloud dissipated as winds moved the air mass after the implosion and dispersed any lingering dust from the air.

Latest News & Website Updates

Program Updates

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology section of the health department website has been revised and updated to help site visitors more easily find the program's reports, disease surveillance information and other materials related to infectious diseases. Check it out starting on the Infectious Disease Information page.

Newly Published Reports and Publications

Chronic Disease & Epidemiology published its 2015–2019 Allegheny County Infant Mortality Report(PDF, 945KB) (7/21/2023); additional reports can be found on the Chronic Disease Epidemiology's Resources, Reports & Publications page.

The Office of Family and Child Health published its 2020 Child Death Review Annual Report(PDF, 2MB) (7/7/2023); see more information on the FCH program's Fatality Review Programs.

Chronic Disease & Epidemiology published its 2006–2020 Substance Use During Pregnancy Report(PDF, 1MB) (6/16/2023).

Infectious Disease Epidemiology published its 2022 Reported Cases of STIs in Allegheny County 1-pager(PDF, 510KB) (8/7/2023), and its Invasive MRSA in Allegheny Report 2021–2022(PDF, 917KB) (5/22/2023) – see additional infectious disease reports on the program's Disease Summaries and Reports page.

Chronic Disease & Epidemiology published its 2019–2020 Maternal Morbidity in Allegheny County Report(PDF, 813KB) (5/19/2023); previous mortality reports can be found on the Chronic Disease Epidemiology's Resources, Reports & Publications page.

Infectious Disease Epidemiology published its updated Guide to the Control of Infectious Disease in Schools and Child Care Centers(PDF, 960KB) (5/1/2023); this guide can be found on the Infectious Disease Epidemiology's Reports and Resources page.

2021 HIV Epidemiologic Profile (published 4/24/23), and Tickborne Disease 2012–2021 Review were recently updated by the Data, Reporting & Disease Control Bureau.

The 2023–2027 Plan for a Healthier Allegheny(PDF, 2MB) (published 1/23/23), created through a community process, will drive efforts led by ACHD to make the county a healthier place to live, learn, work and play over the next five years.

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology program recently published its 2021 Report on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, its 2018–2020 Invasive MRSA in Allegheny County Report(PDF, 953KB) (published 1/13/2023), its 2021 Summary of Animal Bites in Allegheny County Report(PDF, 1MB) (published 12/12/22), its 2012–2021 TB Surveillance Summary Report(PDF, 818KB) (published 11/14/22), and its 2020 Hepatitis C Epidemiological Profile for Allegheny County(PDF, 631KB) (published 11/4/2022) – see additional infectious disease reports on the program's Epidemiology Reports and Resources page.

The health department has added an informative Mpox Information page to keep the public up-to-date on how the monkeypox virus is affecting Allegheny County.

The Chronic Disease Epidemiology program has published its 2012–2019 Interpregnancy Interval (IPI) Report(PDF, 710KB) (published 12/2/22), 2019 Allegheny County Natality Report(PDF, 1MB) (published 10/26/22) and 2020 Perinatal Periods of Risk Report(PDF, 2MB) (published 10/4/2022) – see additional mortality, birth and statistical reports on the Chronic Disease Epidemiology Resources, Reports and Publications page.

2017–2020 HPV Vaccination Coverage Report(PDF, 433KB) (added 9/20/22), and 2021 Reported STD Cases in Allegheny County(PDF, 154KB) (added 9/7/22) – see additional STD reports on our STD/HIV Program's Resources and Educational Materials page.

2021–22 Allegheny County School Immunization Report(PDF, 652KB) (added 8/29/22) – see previous annual school reports on the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Vaccine Coverage page.

The Air Quality Program has published a comprehensive report detailing the program’s work over the past calendar year, its goals moving forward, details on how people can stay up to date with the latest air quality information, and how to get involved. Read our 2021 Air Quality Annual Review: The Process of Progress(PDF, 14MB).

See our archived list of latest news and website update on the Curated News and Updates page.

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