Civil and Family Court Records

For legal assistance, please contact the Allegheny County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, call 412-261-5555, or visit the Allegheny County Law Library. The Department of Court Records cannot provide legal advice.


The Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division, performs the functions previously carried out by the Prothonotary. The department has administrative control and responsibility for keeping and maintaining all official documents and records, as well as the official Seal of the Civil and Family Divisions of the Court of Common Pleas.

The Civil Division includes the General Docket, Arbitration Docket, and Statutory Appeals Sections, while the Family Division includes the Adult and Juvenile Sections.


The Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division, accepts documents for filing, issues writs, takes bonds in civil cases and processes, appeals to the Board of Viewers, and appeals from administrative agencies and the minor judiciary to the Court of Common Pleas, and from the Court of Common Pleas to the appellate Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, the department has miscellaneous record keeping duties such as recording municipal claims and tax liens.

Electronic Filing

The Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division, accepts filing of Court documents in person, by mail, or electronically. The eFiling and Retrieval System allows individuals to file documents, see the docket, the official list of documents filed in the case, and scanned images of the documents filed on cases, unless the case is sealed by order of Court or if statutes or local rules of Court prohibit public access.