ACE Commission

Investigating Complaints of Unethical Behavior

The Accountability, Conduct and Ethics Commission, or ACE Commission provides a vehicle for the receipt and investigation of complaints regarding alleged unethical behavior by county officials and employees.

Any citizen, whether a county employee or not, can file a complaint with the commission. If the commission determines it has jurisdiction, it will investigate the matter.

Enabling Legislation

ACE Commission Members

The ACE Commission consists of five members, each serving terms of five years. After investigating complaints of an ethics violation, the ACE Commission recommends disciplinary action to County Council. Members of the ACE Commission are appointed by the County Council.

Commission Members

Annual Reports

The Ethics Code, Section 105.10, requires the ACE Commission to provide an annual report to County Council documenting its public meetings, investigations and other activities. 

The ACE Commission has produced annual reports since its inception in 2003.  Copies of annual reports are available to the public under the Open Records Policy.

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ACE Commission
436 Grant Street, Room 119
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Meetings & Minutes

The ACE Commission conducts public meetings several times a year. Public meeting minutes are available to the public under the Open Records Policy.Meeting minutes are made available once they are finalized.