Human Relations Commission

Ensuring Equal Opportunity

The Allegheny County Human Relations Commission was established in 2009 to assure that all persons enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and are afforded equal opportunities for employment, housing and use of public accommodation.

The Commission's role is to ensure those benefits and opportunities regardless of a person's race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or place of birth, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, familial status, age or use of a guide or support animal because of blindness, deafness or physical disability.


Commission Members

The HRC consists of seven members appointed by the County Executive with the approval of County Council. All members of the commission must be residents of the county at the time of appointment and throughout their service.  Members of the HRC serve for four years.

Commission Members

Filing a Complaint

You may want to file a complaint with the Human Relations Commission (HRC) if you believe you have been subjected to discrimination based on the following criteria.

The complaint must be filed within 180 days of when the alleged act of discrimination occurred.  

Complaint Criteria

  1. Discrimination is any exclusion, denial, intimidation, coercion, difference or segregation in treatment based on a person’s protected class.

  2. Discriminated in
    • Employment (in hiring, referring for hire, promoting, training, membership in employee or labor organizations)
    • Housing
    • Use of public accommodation facilities
  3. On the basis of
    • Race
    • Color
    • Religion
    • National origin
    • Ancestry
    • Place of birth
    • Sex
    • Gender identity or expression
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability
    • Marital status
    • Familial status
    • Hairstyle
    • Age
    • Use of a guide or support animal because of blindness, deafness or physical disability

Complaint Procedure

Complaints can be filed using the following forms or may be requested by calling 412-350-6945.

Intake Forms

Mail the completed forms to:
    Allegheny County Human Relations Commission
    920 City-County Building
    414 Grant Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Review Procedure

The HRC reviews a complaint and may conduct a hearing before making and issuing it's decision.  All hearings are open to the public. 

  1. If the HRC determines that an investigation is warranted, the complaint is referred to the Allegheny County Department of Human Resources to determine whether a factual basis for the complaint exists.
  2. After a report is made, the HRC may request that County Council initiate an investigation. 
  3. If there is no basis for the allegations, the parties will be notified in writing and may appeal that decision.  

  4. If there is probable cause for the allegations, the Commission shall immediately work to eliminate the unlawful practice.

  5. If it is unable to do so through conciliation, a hearing may be recommended, the findings of which are shared with the HRC Commission for action.

  6. Discriminatory practices may result in the imposition of penalties, fines and damages.


On July 1, 2009, Allegheny County Council enacted Ordinance Number 26-09-OR that established the Human Relations Commission (HRC) of Allegheny County.

If you believe you have been discriminated against in housing, employment or the use of public accommodation facilities, these resources may provide valuable information.

General Contact


Meetings & Minutes

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) conducts monthly public meetings throughout the year.

Date and Time

First Wednesday of every month at 8:30 am.


Human Resources Conference Room
City-County Building
414 Grant Street, Suite 920 
Pittsburgh, PA 15219