Retirement Office

The Retirement Office is responsible for managing investments and retirement benefits for Allegheny County Employees' Retirement System (ACERS) Plan members according to Pennsylvania Law.

Retirement Office responsibilities include:

  • Providing pension and other retirement benefits to all vested Plan members
  • Managing pension benefits by investing retirement funds
  • Reviewing retirement applications
  • Keeping a register of all names, addresses, ages, and other information that the Retirement Board of Allegheny County (RBAC) deems necessary

Key Personnel

  • Walter Szymanski, Manager
  • Carol Uminski, Assistant Manager
  • Denitra Taylor, Senior Accountant
  • Darlene Schrello, Benefits Intake Coordinator
  • Ramona Darwin, Administrative Assistant

Notarial Services

The Retirement Office has a Notary on staff to process Spousal Acknowledgments. Spouses must be present and have proper government-issued ID.

If requesting notarial services, please call the office at 412-350-4674 to verify that a Notary will be available at the time of the office visit.

Retirement Office Resources

Retirement Board Open Records Officer Information

The Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) allows the public to inspect and/or obtain copies of Allegheny County's public records.

Request Records

Applicable Pennsylvania Law

The Allegheny County Employees' Retirement System (ACERS) was established by the county commissioners in 1915 to provide a defined benefit plan to vested employees at retirement. Each county and airport employee shall be required to become a member of the county employees' retirement system within six months from the date of their employment. The said employee may elect to become a member of the retirement system at any time during the aforesaid six months period of time.

Investopedia's explanation of a defined benefit plan is very informative.  For information about the specific county retirement plan, refer to the county code link above.