Individualized Financial Planning, Webinars, and Open Houses 

Create a roadmap to a financial future. This individualized financial planning process will assist with developing a personalized strategy that fits each employee's needs and goals. 

Financial education and wellness webinars are offered by the Retirement Board of Allegheny County as a courtesy to active and retired members of the plan to assist with financial planning, budgeting and working toward a goal of a healthy retirement. The Retirement Office staff tries to hold two webinars for each topic, an afternoon and evening session to accommodate schedules. 

All final webinar sessions, dates, and times will be announced through HR Notifications and posted to this page. The dates and webinar topics below are tentative and subject to change. Registration is required through a link in the schedule below.

Webinar Schedule

2024 Schedule

01/17/2024 Social Security
02/07/2024 Paperwork
03/20/2024 Medicare
04/17/2024 ID Theft
05/14/2024     Paperwork  11:30 am  |  5:00 pm
06/12/2024 Financial Planning
07/17/2024 Social Security
08/14/2024 Paperwork
09/18/2024 Long Term Care
10/16/2024 Financial Lit 101
11/20/2024 Medicare
12/06/2024 Open House
12/18/2024 Paperwork

Webinar Topics

Social Security
Learn about Social Security planning. Duncan Financial Group’s Social Security Expert, Nancy Conner, will discuss strategies to get the best Social Security benefits for not only retirement, also while still employed. She will also discuss which benefits are right for you and when you need to apply.

Completing Pension Paperwork
This seminar is for employees that are vested, of retirement age and planning to retire within a year. Completing Pension Paperwork is offered quarterly, typically in February, May, August and December. Please plan to attend one of the sessions if planning to retire within a year. 

Some of the question that will be addressed include: What is it? When do I apply? Do I apply if I am still working? What does it cost? What does it cover? How much does it pay?

Identity Theft
What happens when someone steals personal information to commit fraud? How can it be quickly identified to prevent the use of information to fraudulently apply for credit, file taxes, or get medical services? These acts can damage credit status and cost time and money to correct.


Did you know?

The Retirement Office finds many ways to provide important information to help employees make key decisions about retirement.   

Survivorship in Retirement(PDF, 138KB)