Verify Your Service Address

Be Ready for an Emergency

When you call for 911 service, your address information is provided by your municipality's local telephone company. It is critical that you verify your service address with your local telephone company so that emergency response personnel have the correct address when they are dispatched to your home in an emergency.

Each telephone company maintains up to three addresses for you:

  • The Billing Address - This is the address to which your bill is sent.
  • The Listed Address - This is the address placed in your local phone directory.
  • The Service Address - The physical location of the telephone.

In most instances, these addresses are all the same. However, if you use a post office box or operate a business, the addresses may be different.

The service address is the address that is provided to the 911 center. Incomplete or erroneous information may cause a delay in emergency response. Therefore, it is imperative that your service address is accurate in the telephone company records.

Note: Just because the address on your bill is correct does not mean the service address record is correct.

To verify your service address, please call your telephone service provider at the number listed on your bill.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Subscribers

Some VoIP carriers require their subscribers to update their address information at the carrier's website. Please familiarize yourself with your carrier's procedure for updating your address information. If you are unsure, contact the VoIP carrier directly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the 911 Operations group at 412-473-1000.