McGreevy Jackson Scholarship


Application deadlines are a month before graduation.

The deadline for the January class is May 10.
The deadline for the July class is November 10.


The purpose of this grant is to reimburse worthy cadets where the cost of attendance at the Allegheny County Police Academy imposed a significant financial hardship.


Officer James J. McGreevy and Narcotics Detective James J. McGreevy, Jr. of the City of Pittsburgh Police Department and Superintendent Leonard G. Jackson of the Allegheny County Police served honorably with distinguished careers in law enforcement. To honor their dedication and sacrifices in the noble cause of protecting others and enforcing laws for public safety, the fund is designed to help those cadets who want to serve in a similar, exemplary fashion but for whom the cost of training presents a significant financial burden.

"It is our hope that men and women that have the desire and unique qualifications to become police officers can pursue their goal despite their financial hardship and obtain the vital training provided at the Police Academy. We would like to express our gratitude and best wishes to all cadets for your willingness to pursue a career in law enforcement."
~ Steve and Diane McGreevy

Grant Award(s)

The Fund may award up to $5,000 retroactively to a chosen cadet or cadets.


Only pre-service cadets that are not sponsored by an agency or G.I Bill funding, and that will successfully complete their training and all graduation requirements, are eligible.


Conduct and effort during a cadet’s training at the Police Academy will be considered, including distinguishing qualities such as academic performance, leadership, work ethic, demeanor, and determination. Another key consideration is the personal financial sacrifices that the cadet has made to attend the academy.


All cadets seeking grant consideration must submit an application and essay.

Eligible cadets must write an essay addressing each of the items below. Be as specific as possible to improve your status and to help the grant committee better compare and evaluate all candidates. There is no minimum or maximum length of essay, but please take the time to fully address each of the following:

  1. Describe your educational background, including high school, college, fields of study, trade school degrees or certifications, licenses, and other certifications.
  2. Describe your employment history, both full time and part time work.
  3. In an informal manner tell us about yourself, including hobbies and interests.
  4. Why you are drawn to police work.
  5. What other occupation would you pursue if not a career in law enforcement.
  6. What are you most proud of in your life thus far.
  7. Attending the Police Academy imposes a financial hardship on most candidates. Please describe the personal financial sacrifices that you made to attend the Police Academy that has imposed a significant hardship on you.


McGreevy-Jackson Scholarship Application(DOCX, 57KB)

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