Children's Fund

In March 2019, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald convened a 26-member working group to look at the creation of a potential children’s fund to provide resource to early childhood learning and out-of-school time programs across Allegheny County. It was co-chaired by Trish Gadson, Ph.D. of Macedonia FACE, and Michelle Figlar of the Heinz Endowments. The group also launched a website to provide its community outreach process and community meetings.

In October 2019, the Children's Fund Working Group formally presented a report to the County Executive for his review and consideration. It proposed a mission and vision for a children’s fund, but also set forth core principles for the endeavor including equity, access, quality and accountability.

As a result of the report and efforts by the working group, a new county department dedicated to children was proposed in October 2020 and created in 2021.