Solid Waste Management and Recycling

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The Allegheny County Health Department's Solid Waste Management program monitors municipal landfills, compost sites, and solid waste vehicles to ensure compliance with county and state regulations.

We also investigate citizen complaints about odors, dust, and other problems associated with landfills, compost sites, solid waste vehicles, and illegal dumps.

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the inspection and oversight of 40 facilities, which include both currently operating and closed landfills, waste processing facilities, material recovery facilities, and leaf/yard composting sites. This department also inspects approximately 400 solid waste vehicles annually.

The landfills in Allegheny County accept waste not only from County residences and businesses, but also from surrounding counties and states. As residents of Allegheny County, we are fortunate to have these facilities in such close proximity, as it serves to keep the cost of disposal down for everyone.

If you have a concern or complaint about a facility or have a question about solid waste management in Allegheny County, please call us at 412-578-8047.

View Allegheny County's Solid Waste Management Plan.