Life Sharing pairs a supportive and caring household with a life sharing participant. Life Sharing Caregivers can be a family member or family friend of the participant or a community member.

To learn more about becoming a qualified Life Sharing Caregiver or Life Sharing participant call ODS at 412-253-1399 and ask for the Life Sharing lead. You may also email ODS for information.

You may be eligible for Life Sharing if you:

  • are registered with ODS
  • would like to live with a qualified and caring adult or family in a private home
  • have a need for residential services in your Individual Support Plan (ISP)*
  • have funding – usually a Consolidated or Community Living waiver (work with your Supports Coordinator (SC) regarding this)

If you take part in Life Sharing:

  • a family member or family friend can support you in their home, you can live in your home or you can move into the home of someone who wants to be a Life Sharing Caregiver (provider)
  • you will be living and sharing experiences with a small number of primary caregivers as opposed to living in a home with changing staff
  • have the support of a caring person to assist with community participation, leisure activities, transportation, personal care, wellness, and household tasks
  • have help from your support team with finding the best match for you, and reaching your goals

You may be eligible to be a Life Sharing Caregiver if you:

  • have time to support a Life Sharing relationship
  • can support the Life Sharing participant's needs
  • complete trainings
  • are over age 18
  • accept responsibility for and will be actively involved in providing care and support
  • have a family member or family friend that chooses and is eligible for the Life Sharing service

If you are a Life Sharing Caregiver you will gain:

  • the unique gifts and talents the individual brings to the relationship
  • the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life
  • support of the Life Sharing community
  • a monthly stipend
  • care breaks and training
  • knowledge of and assistance from Charting the LifeCourse Framework and Tools (CtLC)

Life Sharing Events

10th Annual Lifesharing Conference
November 7 and 8, 2022

The Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition will be holding its 10th Annual Lifesharing Conference on November 7th and 8th of 2022. The conference will take place in-person at Kalahari Resort in Pocono Manor, PA. Registration is $200 through June 30th and $250 thereafter. Find more information on hotel accommodations and instructions on how to register(PDF, 760KB) on this flier.

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