Media Resources

DHS, through its Office of Community Relations, provides resource materials and assistance to members of the media seeking public information through interviews, documents or general background on topics pertaining to the Department of Human Services.


Mark Bertolet
412-350-3439 (office)
412-592-1851 (cell)

Jessica Ruffin
412-350-2762 (office)

Right-to-Know (RTK) Requests
RTK inquiries related to DHS are handled by the Allegheny County Executive Branch Open Records Officer. Scroll to the "Executive Branch Open Records Officer" contact information for details.

DHS Resources

Allegheny County Community Profiles
Key human services and census data about the neighborhoods that comprise Allegheny County.

DHS/Community Resources to Support County Residents(PDF, 63KB)
A categorized list of links and phone numbers related to information about human services in Allegheny County.

DHS-contracted Agencies Serving Individuals and Families
Based on the data contained in the DHS Master Provider Enterprise Repository (MPER).

DHS Quick Count
Find how many people are served by specific DHS programs, as a point-in-time snapshot or over a range of dates.

DHS Office Profiles
Each profile contains a one-page overview of the office and a more detailed description of the office including legal mandates, administration, fiscal and person statistics, programs and services, and contact information.

DHS Offices, Bureaus and Senior Staff(PDF, 93KB)
Find the correct spellings of the names of DHS offices and senior staff.

DHS Organizational Chart(PDF, 317KB)
A high-level schematic of DHS leadership positions.

Directions to the Human Services Building from Points North, South, East and West(PDF, 90KB)

Human Services Involvement by Legislative Districts
The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) compiled 2013 data to show the number of individuals who received specific services tracked through DHS data applications and administered by various departments.

People-first Language(PDF, 132KB)
Provides acceptable language to use when speaking to or about a person with a disability.