Realty Transfer Taxes

General Information

We are the agent for the collection of State Realty Transfer Taxes on all property sold in the county.

We are also the agent for the collection of all Local Realty Transfer Taxes (Municipal and School) on all property sold in the county.

The Realty Transfer Tax (RTT) is collected at the time of recording the property deed, and is paid separately from the recording fees with a separate check. (One check for RTT and one for recording fees.)

In Allegheny County, the realty transfer tax ranges from 2%-5% of the total consideration of a property, with 1% submitted to the State, and the remainder going to the Municipality and School District for the property.

Helpful Forms and Information

Common Level Ratio - The Department of Revenue releases new Common Level Ratio Factors, by county, each year, effective July 1st.

Realty Transfer Tax Forms

Municipality and School District transfer tax rates.
Note: The City of Pittsburgh will be applying the overall 5% Transfer Tax rate to all deeds recorded for residential properties starting February 1, 2020, and to all commercial properties starting April 1, 2020 despite the document, execution, notarized, or sales agreement date stating 2019.

Statement of Value - (PA form REV-183) required when a consideration is not listed on the deed or when there are certain exemptions.
Certain transfers between family members (see State Regulations) may not need a Statement of Value. In these cases, a statement on the deed describing the relation of the parties is necessary and a statement such as "This is a familial transfer and exempt from realty transfer tax" will suffice.

Realty Tax Exemptions can be found in the PA code.
For more information, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue at (717) 783-8104.


Example #1 - House in Shaler Township Sells for $40,000.00

Tax Rate Amount
State Tax 1% $400.00
Shaler Township .5% $200.00
Shaler Area School District .5% $200.00
Total Realty Transfer Tax 2% $800.00

Example #2 - House in the City of Pittsburgh Sells for $40,000.00

Tax Rate Amount
State Tax 1% $400.00
City of Pittsburgh 3% $1200.00
Pittsburgh School District 1% $400.00
Total Realty Transfer Tax 5% $2000.00