Deer Management

For Allegheny County Residents

Overpopulation and perceived problems associated with concentrations of white-tailed deer in our communities is a topic of concern for many citizens in Allegheny County. There has been an effort on Council to reach out to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to better understand the available remedies available to address these concerns.

Because deer in Pennsylvania are under the jurisdiction of the Game Commission and management plans are often handled at the municipal level, the County is limited to deer management on County property. This page is designed to provide information for constituents so that a dialogue can be created on a local level to address problems a community may face, keeping in mind that each community is unique in their perceptions of problems associated with deer populations and their decisions to manage an identified problem.

What You Can Do at Home

  • Do not purposely feed deer.
  • Grow deer resistant plants in your garden.
  • Apply deer repellant to plants/garden area.
  • Construct a deer fence to keep deer out of a certain area.
  • Consult the Pennsylvania Game Commission deer management regulations and options for individual landowners.
  • Consult municipal representatives regarding community solutions, such as feeding bans and community surveys.

Further Reading

A Guide to Community Deer Management in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Environments, A Technical Guide
Anthony J. DeNicola, Kurt C. VerCauteren, Paul D. Curtis, and Scott E. Hygnstrom


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