Legislative Resources

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This searchable database includes legislative items (appointments, communications, motions, ordinances, proclamations and resolutions) that County Council has reviewed since 2000. Agendas and meeting minutes for council meetings, committee meetings and public hearings are also available.

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Allegheny County Code of Ordinances

This searchable collection includes ordinances that have been enacted since the adoption of the Home Rule Charter up until present day. It also includes selected ordinances enacted prior to the adoption of the Home Rule Charter. Codification makes no change to the applicability or effect of any pre-existing ordinances, whether included in the Code or not, each of which would continue in force as though no change had been made.

Note: The Code of Ordinances is comprehensively updated at the beginning of each even numbered calendar year to reflect changes made since the last update. To locate enacted ordinances which alter the Code between comprehensive updates, please click on the link above for the Code of Ordinances, then see the "New Laws" section.

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Home Rule Charter of Allegheny County

Under the Home Rule Charter, which was approved in May of 1998, the voters of Allegheny County chose to replace the previous three full-time, elected commissioners with an elected County Executive and fifteen elected County Council members

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