MIST, Ongoing Training, and Specialized Services

1. Overview

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Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST)

2024 MIST Training Schedule(PDF, 186KB)

2024 Online Registration (Excel)(XLSX, 20KB)

2024 MIST Training Courses

24-201 Legal Update (Day 1 Class Required) 
A three-hour course highlighting pertinent court decisions and significant pieces of legislation that affect police operations and investigations. Lessons will address changes and updates to the following: Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedures, decisions from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts, various Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court. This course will be offered in two segments online via pavtn.net. The first segment will be available in the middle of 2023 for officers who wish to receive advanced notice of changes to the law. The second segment will be released in January 2024, and the entire course will be offered as an in-classroom training throughout 2024.

24-301 Suicide by Cop (Day 1 Class Elective)
A three-hour course specifically focused on the phenomenon of suicidal individuals who choose to end their lives by confronting a law enforcement officer. The course will define suicide by cop, identify risk factors and warning signs, tactical communication, intervention and de-escalation techniques, and best practices to increase the chances of a safe and successful outcome. This course will also assist officers in recognizing and recovering from the trauma of such an encounter, as well as providing resources for officers to maintain their health and wellness.

24-601 Community Relationships (Day 2 Class Required) 
A three-hour course focused on the importance of building trust and maintaining relationships within the communities that law enforcement officers serve and protect. The course will review how to strengthen awareness regarding cultural diversity, competency and sensitivity, and recognition of trauma’s impact on members of the community and the importance of applying a trauma-informed approach. The course will conclude with highlighting strategies that officers can implement when working with their community members.

24-602 Law Enforcement Ethics (Day 2 Class Elective) 
A three-hour course exploring the issues of modern-day ethics in law enforcement and discussing changes have occurred throughout the history of policing in Pennsylvania. The course will examine how hiring standards influence hiring ethical police officers and what impact that has on Pennsylvania law enforcement. The course also cover principles for remaining ethically sound throughout an officer's career. 


Classes begin at 8:30 am sharp unless otherwise noted on the Training Schedule above. Check the Training Schedule for the list of current class locations as some have changed. 
The schedule and registration form are updated regularly to reflect class availability. 

  • All MIST registrations must be scheduled using the Online Excel Registration Form above. The form must be completed by typing in the registration information and then emailing the completed spreadsheet to ACPA Registrations.
  • In the Excel file, place full names in proper spaces on the form along with MPOETC numbers. Faxes will not be accepted.
  • Officers must be scheduled by department management or training supervisors.
  • You will receive an email confirmation when registering by the Online Excel Registration Form.

Class Preparation

  • Please bring notebook or note-taking materials to each class.
  • MPOETC class handouts are available in digital file form from the academy. Call 412-350-2383 to request a copy. 
  • Please adhere to your scheduled dates and arrive on time. Notify us of any cancellations. Because of strict class size limitations, “walk-ins” will generally not be accommodated.
  • Officers must check the accuracy of the spelling of their name and their MPOETC number on the class roster to ensure they receive credit for attending the course.

2. Ongoing and Specialized Training

Impact Weapons, OCAT (Pepper Spray)

Training and re-certification for officers is offered. This also includes handcuffing.
Contact Deputy Gary Wolverton at 412-350-4686 to schedule.

Firing Range Qualifications

Scheduling is flexible, but by appointment only. Four-hour blocks are available from 8:00 am to noon, and noon to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. All qualifications are being performed according to the MPOETC standards for recruits for both pistol and shotgun. The pistol qualification course is a 50 round qualification; the dim light course requires a flashlight. A duty rig is required for all pistol qualifications. We also offer patrol rifle/carbine qualifications using the MPOETC guidelines. We continue to offer a flexible approach for daytime and nighttime qualifications to help meet your department’s needs.
Fill out your range liability waiver prior to your arrival for any classes that involve live fire.
Contact PO Brian Fiorito or PO Dan Witt at 412-584-0055 to schedule.

Taser Training

Basic taser training, certification, and re-certification is available to law enforcement agencies.
Contact Deputy Gary Wolverton at 412-350-4686 to discuss your needs and to schedule.

Basic Physical Agility Testing

Our staff will administer your agency’s version of physical conditioning test as designed by the Cooper Institute. We do require at least one representative from the agency to be present; for larger groups please send additional personnel to help proctor the testing. Currently all testing will be scheduled for Tuesdays at 9:00 am.
Contact Deputy Director Robert Cifrulak at 412-350-2383 to schedule.

3. Elective Training Courses

2024 Elective In-Service Training Courses(PDF, 301KB)

The Elective In-service Training Course Schedule has a variety of classes that many have expressed an interest in taking. The schedule includes a diverse and full complement of classes. Some classes are free of charge and others require a student fee. Each registration process differs and is explained in the course list. Use the direct links in the attached course guide to register for classes online. 

Course listings are updated as classes are added.

The Allegheny County Police Academy continually seeks to add training opportunities. Please contact the Police Academy with suggestions for additional courses that will better serve the law enforcement community.

4. Monitoring Training History

Police departments can use the Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission's (MPOETC) website to track the following information:

  • Application for New Police Officer Certification - submit an officer's application
  • Change of Status:
    • Hiring an officer into the department
    • Arrest information for an officer
    • Name change of an officer
    • Replace lost or damaged card
    • Separate an officer from the department
  • MPOETC Training History Inquiry - query an officer's current MPOETC-sponsored training history
  • Request for In-Service Training Equivalency Credit - application packet
  • Non-Mandatory Training Class Actual Cost and Roster - add actual amounts and class roster
  • Non-MPOETC Training Class Roster - enter a Non-MPOETC sponsored training class roster
  • Non-MPOETC Training History - query an officer's current non-MPOETC training history
  • Officer Certification Inquiry - query an officer's current certification status

Using the MPOETC Website

  1. Follow instructions on the Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission's (MPOETC) website to reach the MPO TRS Log In screen.
  2. Login using the user id and password from the approval notification.
  3. Select MPOTRS Police Department Users link.
  4. Select any available option.

Note: The police departments that you are authorized for may be found in the Police Department dropdown box on certain screens. If more than one police department is displayed, be careful to properly select the correct police department each time that you are performing the update.

In order to be granted access to perform inquiry transactions for a police officer that is not currently employed by your department, please contact MPOETC.