Parks Forms


Lifeguard Forms

Lifeguard Employment Forms (PDF, 267KB)- Age 16 and over

Activities Forms

If fillable, the form can be completed digitally, otherwise print the paper form, provide all information in legible handwriting, and either file in person at the applicable park office, or submit via email per specific form directions.

Ballfield Permit Application(PDF, 690KB)
This form includes instructions to sign a team up for play and renting a ballfield in the Allegheny County Parks. Additional information on dates and rules of use can be found on the application.

Event Proposal Form(PDF, 124KB)
Complete this required form for rentals involving races, runs/walks, and special events.

Geocache Application(PDF, 226KB)
Complete this form to place a geocache in any Allegheny County Park. Rules and regulation are included on form. Applications are subject to approval.

Ice Rink Rental Application(PDF, 284KB)
Complete this form to rent the North Park or South Park ice skating rinks.

Metal Detecting Application(PDF, 58KB)
Authorization is required to metal detect within the Allegheny County Parks, valid for a one year period. Applications are subject to approval.

Showmobile Rental Application(PDF, 770KB)
This form includes the rental application, a list of documents needed, along with rules and regulations for renting the Showmobile.

Special Requests Application(PDF, 350KB)
Please review the full form before submitting. The application, payment, and insurance (if required) must be submitted at least two full weeks in advance of the event date.

  • Inflatable rentals
  • Catering trucks, oversized grills, or pig roasts
  • DJ
  • Tent (larger than 10x10)
  • Back-to-back rentals

Park Pass Form

Park Pass Application(PDF, 205KB)
Active volunteer firefighters and EMTs may apply for park passes under the Park Pass Program.

Additional Forms

Shelter and Facility Refund Request Form(PDF, 286KB)
At the discretion of the Director of the Parks, a refund may be available if requested. View the attached criteria for requesting a refund. There are no refunds due to inclement weather, special request applications (regardless of approval status), event cancellation, or equipment failures. No refunds will be issued after the event has occurred, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.