Regulated Entities Portal

View of Northside neighborhoods and downtown Pittsburgh with clear skies.One of the top priorities of the Allegheny County Health Department Air Quality Program is to improve communications with permitted facilities. We are glad to announce the ACHD Air Quality team has worked with software developers to create a new Regulated Entities Portal (REP). This software is customized to track regulatory requirements, communication, and support the collaborative work between ACHD and regulated facilities.

To complete your Emissions Inventory Report, your facilities will use the new Regulated Entities Portal. Use the button below to create an account in the new system. The responsible official must create an account as well as associate consultants and environmental contacts with their facility. Responsible Officials will be able to login and provide access and assign responsibilities for their team members and consultants once those team members have made their own personal profiles. You will be able to access the Annual Emissions Inventory Form, submit the facility’s annual emission inventory, and track the receipt and review made by the ACHD Air Quality Program, and pay the Emission Inventory fee.

Access the Portal

This Regulated Entities Portal User Guide(PDF, 4MB) will help you access the system, create a new account, manage access, and provide the necessary information, such as how to make online invoice payments and submit emissions inventory reports.

In addition to the User Guide, our ACHD Air Quality Emissions Inventory expert, Marie Kelly, provided user training sessions in 2022. If you are interested in participating in a future training session, please contact Marie Kelly. For those who are unable to participate, these sessions have been recorded and are available on this page below.

Multiple phases of this software were deployed throughout 2022. The first phase began on January 1, 2022. This opening phase of the REP portal allowed facilities to access invoices, pay annual maintenance fees, submit emission inventories, and pay emission inventory fees. Future phases will include installation and operating permit application forms, the ability to submit reports and compliance certifications, access to ACHD inspection reports, and the ability to report breakdowns to ACHD via the portal.

If you have any questions regarding the Emissions Inventory process or this portal, please contact the Air Quality program at 412-578-8103.

REP Instructional Video

The following short video explains how you can pay invoices via the new AQ software accessed through the Regulated Entities Portal.

REP User Guides