Air Quality

Information is presented on a rolling-24 hour average. It is updated hourly to create an average Air Quality Index (AQI) over the past 24-hours.

To access hourly data, please go to the Hourly Air Quality Data link below the dashboard. This is a large document that covers the past week for all regulatory monitoring locations, and multiple pollutants. Monitor locations are in alphabetical order, then by date. Look for the PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) column. Further, the information is not presented in the AQI format but rather the concentration in micrograms/meter cubed. Anything below 35 ug/m3 is meeting the 24-hour federal standard and would be considered either moderate or good.

In addition to the dashboard information above, you can visit the Hourly Air Quality Data page. For those seeking Mon Valley data, scroll down to "Liberty 2."

Additionally, the state's forecast is also a resource for residents.

Air Quality Forecast & Dispersion Outlook Report

This is the Air Quality Forecast and Dispersion outlook report for Allegheny County, designed to make technical air quality data more accessible to a wider audience. The report will be updated Monday through Friday before noon. ACHD prioritizes air quality as one of this area’s most pressing public health challenges. We want residents to have access to information on air quality in real time, as well as data on progress that has been made to date.

Key to the Daily Dispersion Report(PDF, 107KB)

Most importantly, public interest is crucial to improving air quality in our county. Air quality, particularly in the Mon Valley, remains a focus of the program. That's one of the reasons the department has developed its Mon Valley Air Pollution Episode regulations(PDF, 4MB), which are designed to provide the public with more information on air quality and requires sources to take proactive steps to do their part when air quality worsens. You can learn more about the steps that we're taking now.

Comments and feedback can be provided on the Allegheny County Self-Service Portal (Select Request Service/File Complaint, then select Health Department, and then select the Air Quality) or by calling the Information Center at 412-350-INFO (412-350-4636).