Volunteer Opportunities

DHS conducts many events and support efforts throughout the year. We welcome the involvement of volunteers, both individuals and community groups, to help these programs succeed.

Unless otherwise noted, for additional information or to volunteer, please contact the Event and Donations Team at 412-350-3428.

*Criminal background checks are required to volunteer for any event that involves children.

Allegheny County Music Festival

The Allegheny County Music Festival Fund provides life-enriching items and opportunities for children receiving services from DHS or the Allegheny County Juvenile Court. Funds for these items and services are raised at the Allegheny County Music Festival, an annual benefit concert. Volunteers are needed from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm to direct cars to parking spaces, collect donations from patrons and sell raffle tickets. Please allow extra travel time as traffic patterns are often slow close to start time. See above for contact information.

Holiday Project

The Holiday Project provides gifts for children who are in families receiving services through the DHS Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF). Volunteers are needed to match a child's wish list to a donated gift and/or to pick up gifts from donors and deliver them to CYF regional offices throughout the county.

Join the Campaign to End Hunger

There are so many things you can do to help those in need of food. Write a check. Attend a special fund-raising event. Volunteer your time at the Food Bank. Sponsor a food drive. Take a tour of the Food Bank. Have someone from the Food Bank come speak to your class or group. For more information visit Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank website or call 412-460-FOOD. Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, 1 North Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110.

Free Tax Prep Campaign

The Free Tax Prep Campaign organizes teams of students and retired and current professionals in the accounting field who volunteer during tax season (mid-January through April 15) to assist low-income wage-earners recover their maximum tax refund. Volunteers receive free training and may choose to work at one of several assistance locations. Volunteers are asked to assist a minimum of three hours per week. Volunteer recruitment occurs from November through early January.

Project Prom

Project Prom provides formal attire to eligible high school students. Project Prom volunteers are needed to assist in organizing and maintaining the Project Prom Shop and to help during the Gown Giveaway. Whether you’re a fashionista, a seamstress or tailor, are good at moving heavy objects or are in a profession related to beauty or fashion, your skills and talents will be put to great use.

Learn more about volunteer roles and sign up for Project Prom 2024.

Questions may be directed to the DHS Event and Donations Team at 412-350-3428 or via email at Event and Donations Team.

Refugee Career Mentoring Program

Through the Refugee Career Mentoring Program(PDF, 365KB), local professionals are matched with refugees with advanced education and work experience. Mentors are expected to guide their mentees through a career development program. In particular, mentors in the fields of engineering, health care and computer science are sought. Contact the Immigrants and Refugee Unit for more information.

Refugee Career Mentoring Program Application(PDF, 144KB)

Senior Companion Program

You can be matched with a friendly companion to visit you regularly, assist you with simple daily activities, serve as your escort for shopping, medical or social outings, or give those who care for you a little break.

Winter Shelter

The Winter Shelters are open from November 15 through March 15 from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am to provide warmth and a hot meal to people who need a safe place to sleep. If you would like to volunteer to provide specialized clinical services, please contact Genevieve Gigandet by email or at 412-232-5739 ext. 4. Due to COVID, no other volunteers or providers will be permitted on sites.