Decades of Progress

DHS 2007 and 2017: Celebrating Decades of Progress


In January 2007, DHS celebrated its 10-year anniversary. A special anniversary retrospective report was compiled which reflected comments from many of the same community members who helped to develop the original vision document and supported DHS through its first decade. Realizing a Community Vision – A Decade of Progress 1997-2007(PDF, 341KB) celebrates how cooperative effort and open communication has led to improved services and support to our Allegheny County residents.


More than twenty years ago, Allegheny County embarked on an ambitious plan to revolutionize the way human services are delivered to the people of Allegheny County by creating the Department of Human Services (DHS). Working together, government, foundation, business and social services leaders set out to change a disjointed system and create a new approach to implementing programs and caring for those in need.

The video below chronicles the founding and history of DHS as well as our ongoing efforts to improve every day. You’ll meet some of those in our community who remember the early challenges and some of those whose lives have been positively impacted by DHS services.