Annual Reports

These reports, published from 2000 through 2004, and 2007, highlight the work and workings of DHS.

Realizing a Community Vision - A Decade of Progress 1997-2007(PDF, 341KB)
This report commemorates the tenth anniversary of the creation of DHS. Individuals, many critical to our success, commented on the changes they have seen over the last decade. Each one brings their perspective to the work of the Department to date and the challenges of the future.

DHS 2004 Annual Report, Integrating Services(PDF, 1MB)
Challenges rarely come in neat packages. Some examples of how we are working toward the holistic provision of services are included in this report.

DHS 2003 Annual Report, Community Partnerships(PDF, 4MB)
Our community's strength lies in its capacity to come together to support those who are vulnerable. This report shares examples of many acts of generosity and compassion on the part of our private partners.

DHS 2002 Annual Report, Empowerment(PDF, 2MB)
Individuals and families are well aware of their challenging situations. Success stories in this report illustrate how DHS programs and services help our residents regain and maintain their independence.

DHS 2001 Annual Report, Prevention(PDF, 1MB)
Stories in this report highlight real-life examples of the way DHS strives to help our residents avoid crises by offering supports as soon as problems arise.

2000 Annual Report, 1997-2000 A Progress Report(PDF, 871KB)
This report captures the progress made by the newly established Department of Human Services. Case histories of some who benefitted from Department services are partnered with information about the fiscal and data-processing efficiencies achieved during the four years since the formation of DHS.