DHS Brochures and Booklets

Our brochures and booklets provide helpful information about the offerings of DHS.

Employment at DHS

DHS Internships(PDF, 646KB) (Brochure)
Learn about the paid internship possibilities at DHS.

Bamboo HR(PDF, 387KB) (Palm Card)
Learn about the Bamboo HR platform at DHS.

Scholars in Local Government Program (Webpage)
Allowing talented individuals to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to local government.

Fellows in Local Government Program (Webpage)
Appling skills and perspective to real-world problems facing DHS and the individuals DHS serves.

KEYS AmeriCorps(PDF, 997KB) (Brochure)
Members serve at-risk youth in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Housing & Shelter

Allegheny Link(PDF, 81KB) (Palm Card)
Striving to simplify and streamline access to any and all homeless and housing services. 

Help Right Now

Allegheny Connect(PDF, 283KB) (Palm Card)
Information about all the programs and services DHS provides.

Director’s Action Line(PDF, 149KB) | Español(PDF, 25KB) (Palm Card)
Answering questions, investigating concerns regarding DHS, and reporting back the results.

Department of Human Services(PDF, 636KB) | Español(PDF, 425KB) (Brochure)
Includes a brief overview of DHS services and related phone numbers.

Allegheny County Data

Allegheny Analytics(PDF, 455KB) (Palm Card)
An information hub to better understand issues affecting Allegheny County residents.

AccessMyInfo(PDF, 252KB) (Palm Card)
The gateway to accessing all your health and human service records.

Solicitations Information

Solicitations(PDF, 464KB) (Palm Card)
Information about submitting an RFP/RFQ/RFI or RFP/RFQ/RFI can be found on the Solicitations page of the DHS website.

Children & Families

Office of Children, Youth and Families(PDF, 1MB) | Español(PDF, 1MB) (Brochure)
An overview of services for families at risk for or experiencing child abuse and/or neglect. Includes contact information for regional CYF offices.

A Parent's Handbook(PDF, 2MB) | Español(PDF, 2MB) (Palm Card)
Providing information about the basics of the child welfare system and your rights and responsibilities as you work with CYF.

Developmental Support

Office of Developmental Supports(PDF, 787KB) | Español(PDF, 303KB) (Brochure)
Providing information about services for eligible individuals with intellectual disability (ID), autism, developmental disability, or medically complex condition.

Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol

Adult Mental Health Services(PDF, 1MB) | Español(PDF, 811KB) (Brochure)
Information about the mental health services available to Allegheny County residents.

Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services(PDF, 1MB) | Español(PDF, 881KB) (Brochure)
Information about drug and alcohol treatment services including prevention services and an after-hours hotline number.

Where to Call - Directory of Services(PDF, 690KB) (Brochure)
Names and contact information of organizations in Allegheny County that provide a wide range of services for persons with mental health or substance use disorders.

Older Adults

Area Agency on Aging(PDF, 1MB) | Español(PDF, 837KB) (Brochure)
A general overview of services available to Allegheny County residents 60 years of age and older.

Food Assistance(PDF, 1MB) | Español(PDF, 1MB) (Brochure)
Descriptions and contact information for programs that help those in need to get sufficient food.

Caregiver Support Programs for Adult Caregivers(PDF, 635KB) (Brochure)
Helps Pennsylvania residents, 18 years of age and older, who voluntarily take on a care-giving role for a qualifying family member or friend.

Older Adult Protective Services(PDF, 1MB) (Brochure)
Information about reporting the abuse and/or neglect of an older adult.

Ombudsman(PDF, 597KB) (Brochure)
Information on how to register complaints about long-term, out-of-home care services you are receiving.

Dom Care(PDF, 115KB) (Palm Card)
Providing "home setting" alternatives as a long-term living arrangement for older adults and persons with disabilities.

Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)(PDF, 63KB) (Palm Card)
Information about free transportation services to and from non-emergency medical appointments for Allegheny County residents who are eligible for Medicaid.