Resource Guides

We have compiled a few helpful resource guides. In them, you can find contact information for providers of human services. These are not complete listings. Call or visit 2-1-1 for complete, up-to-date information.

Online Searches

Service-Related Resource Guides

Allegheny Link Employment Resources(PDF, 319KB)
From job-search websites to temp-agency contact information, find it all on this helpful document.

Food Assistance
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank - Food Assistance Directory
Online search for a food assistance program by neighborhood, ZIP code or name of program.

Healthcare and Health Insurance
Resources for Under- and Un-insured
Allegheny County Health Department
(For the most current edition, look for the link to the guide on the Health Department's homepage.)


Office of Developmental Supports
ODS Fact Sheets

Mental Health (MH) Concerns and/or Substance Use Disorders (D&A)

Group-Related Resource Guides

Disclaimer: Inclusion in these documents is not an endorsement by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.

Family Caregiver Resource Guide(PDF, 2MB)

Immigrants and Refugees
Publicly-funded Benefits - Immigrant and Internationals Eligibility Guide(PDF, 488KB)

Older Adults
Allegheny County Senior Resource Guide

Persons with Disabilities