Case Management Services

Case management services are provided to all inmates at the Allegheny County Jail.

Working under the direction of the Deputy Warden, all caseworkers are responsible for providing assorted services for the incarcerated individual population at the facility. Caseworkers visit their assigned housing units on a day-to-day basis and address the concerns of the incarcerated individuals and staff as needed. It is their duty to respond in a timely manner to inmate requests.

Caseworkers do not relay messages to inmates.

Caseworker Services

  • Assisting families and friends of inmates dealing with personal issues or crises.
  • Recommend or provide supportive services to incarcerated individuals.
  • Make referrals for ACJ in-house programs, including educational and parenting classes, the re-entry programs and more.
  • Prepare, file and track parole petitions submitted to the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Submit incarcerated individual referrals and advocate for transfer to specialized housing units and Alternative Housing.
  • Work with court entities such as specific Pennsylvania county Courts of Common Pleas, District Justices, State and County Probation and Parole agencies and Federal agencies.
  • Provide information to incarcerated individuals regarding court scheduling and processes.
  • Review and make referrals to Justice Related Services based on criteria and eligibility.
  • Provide notary services to inmates.

Contacting a Caseworker

Housing Unit Phone
Pods 4A, 5B, 5E 412-350-2689
Pods 3F, 5C, 5D 412-350-2188
Pods 3A, 3C 412-350-2116
Pods 2F, 4C 412-350-1191
Pods 1C, 4D, 6F, 8E 412-350-7380
Pods 4F, 5MD, 5F 412-350-2891
Pods 2C, 3E 412-350-2310
Pods 1B, 2D, 3D, 4E, 7E 412-360-2096
Pods 1A, 3B, 4B 412-350-2094
Pods 2A, 2B, 2E, 5MC 412-350-2892