Alerts, Closures, and Enforcements

The Food Safety program inspects all facilities in Allegheny County that produce, distribute, or sell food products. Inspections are mandatory and conducted by Environmental Health Specialists.

The "Consumer Alert" (Yellow Placard) is posted when a food facility has high or medium risk violations remaining or recurring. A facility with a "Consumer Alert" placard is allowed to operate for a temporary period not exceeding ten (10) calendar days. A reinspection is conducted either prior to expiration of the temporary period upon request of the food facility owner or on the tenth day. During the reinspection, violations leading to the "Consumer Alert" placard are reassessed. If the violations are corrected, then the green "Inspected and Permitted" placard is posted. If violations remain, the facility is ordered to close and the red "Closed" placard is posted.

The "Closed" placard is also posted when an imminent health hazard is identified, as the result of a pre-suspension hearing for continue non-compliance, and for violations of Article III, Rules and Regulations, such as when a food facility is found operation without a valid food permit or failing to allow access for inspection after receiving sufficient notice. It is unlawful to operate a food facility with a "Closed" placard.

Enforcement Actions are administrative procedures used in response to continued non-compliance. Enforcement actions include, but are not limited to, civil penalties (fines) that have been assessed by the department for specific violations.

Inspection Program and Enforcement