Homeless Advisory Board

The Homeless Advisory Board (HAB) is a public/private partnership formed to assist Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the City of McKeesport and the Municipality of Penn Hills in reviewing public policy, programs, activities, data and all other efforts that will eliminate homelessness and improve the well-being of homeless persons and families. The Allegheny County Continuum of Care (CoC) relies on the Homeless Advisory Board to act on its behalf.


The Homeless Advisory Board will, at a minimum

  • review, advocate for, and promote positive changes in public policy on homelessness
  • advise Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the City of McKeesport, and the Municipality of Penn Hills on issues affecting people who are or who are at risk of being homeless
  • review, make recommendations to, and endorse the annual submission of the Continuum of Care
  • monitor HUD's priorities in the delivery of services to people who are homeless and ensure that Allegheny County has met those priorities in its Continuum of Care application
  • identify gaps and prioritize housing and services in the Continuum of Care
  • assist in implementing the goals and objectives outlined in the Allegheny County Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

Meeting Resources

Current Members

  • Damian Buccilli, Municipality of Penn Hills
  • Kwabena Danso-Ayesu, Goodwill
  • Nikki DiMaria, Community Partner
  • Lisa Frank, City of Pittsburgh
  • Matthew Grayson, Women’s Center and Shelter
  • Andy Halfhill, Allegheny County Department of Human Services
  • Shawlane Heffern, The Open Door
  • Derek Kendall-Morris, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
  • Brian Knight, Homeless Children’s Education Fund
  • Dave Lettrich, Bridge to the Mountains
  • Amy Plant, Bethlehem Haven
  • Raymond Prushnok, UPMC Center for Social Impact
  • Susie Puskar, Partner4Work, Secretary
  • Danielle Schnauber Jones, Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh Mercy
  • Lucy Schoyer, Community Human Services
  • Gale Schwartz, Housing Alliance of PA, Chair
  • Richard Stephenson, Allegheny County Housing Authority
  • Pam Turner, Veterans Leadership Program
  • Malcolm Visnich, Prevention Point Pittsburgh
  • Laverne Wagner, Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
  • Michael Yonas, The Pittsburgh Foundation

Committee Leadership

Communications and Education
Brian Knight, HAB co-chair
Remy Harris, IO representative

Homeless Outreach Coordinating
Dave Lettrich, HAB co-chair
Ben Talik, CoC co-chair
Brian Wolford, IO Representative

Analysis and Planning
Michael Yonas, HAB co-chair
Kelly Russell, CoC co-chair
Ciara Stehley, IO Representative

Provider Committee
Amy Plant, Provider chair
Pam Turner, Provider vice chair
Lucy Schoyer, Provider vice chair
Alex Herisko, IO Representative