Office of Developmental Supports

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of Developmental Supports (ODS) registers eligible Allegheny County residents with

  • Intellectual Disability (ID)
  • Autism
  • Developmental Disability (DD) prior to age 9 and
  • Medically Complex Condition (MCC) prior to age 22

to connect them to Supports Coordination and other supports and services.

Connections to supports and services information and resources can be shared with all, regardless of eligibility. Contact the ODS Community Liaison or call 412-253-1251.

For general questions call ODS at 412-253-1399.
To reach an Intake Specialist call 412-253-1250.
You may also email the ODS Community Liaison.

Relocating to PA or Allegheny County

Moving to Pennsylvania?  The PA Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) supports eligible people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and complex medical condition and their families.  For those new to the system or for anyone interested in navigating ODP, the Gold Book is intended to be a guide to the system.  ODP also offers an Services Overview Quick Guide.  Find both here.

Moving to Allegheny County from another Pennsylvania county?  Working with a Supports Coordinator (SC)?  SC services and current waiver funding, if being received, can be transferred from county to county.  Contact your current SC to ask about this.

Moving and a current medical assistance (also referred to as MA or Medicaid) recipient?  Your coverage should be attached to your state and county of residence.  If moving, contact your current MA caseworker. Information about MA in PA can be found here.  Also, Pennsylvania Health Law Project (PAHLP) offers several publications about MA.

Request Information, Regular Emails or Resources

To be added to the Key Communicators email list, call 412-253-1251 or email the ODS Community Liaison.

Key Communicators receive and, when possible, share information including:

  • New and updated ODS Fact Sheets
  • DHS resources and programs
  • Resources for people with disabilities across their life span
  • Community and specially designed programs
  • Workshops, meetings and conferences
  • Special education
  • Information from the PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

Request ODS staff attend or present at your event or meeting. ODS Community Liaison

To inquire about resources for supports and services, including Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment/Remote Supports and Services, Charting the LifeCourse and Community Participation Support (CPS) activity ideas email the ODS Community Liaison.

Important System Information

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations (BSASP)
Their ASERT initiative website provides resources for Pa. residents of any age who have autism or who care for a person who has autism. 

Appeals Options

Incident Management

The primary goal of the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) incident management system is to ensure that when an incident occurs or is suspected or alleged to have occurred, the response to the incident protects and promotes the health, safety, and rights of the individual. In accordance with ODP’s guiding principles, Everyday Lives, Values in Action, individuals and their families identified areas of importance to increasing the overall quality of their lives. The guiding principles include self-direction, choice and control along with promoting health, wellness, and safety. When all stakeholders report incidents, investigate incidents, and take actions based on these reports to prevent recurrence of a similar incident, the guiding principles can be put into practice. Text is from the Incident Management Bulletin 00-21-02(PDF, 469KB) that was effective 7-21-2021.

Each Administrative Entity (the Office of Developmental Supports in Allegheny County) has staff dedicated to Incident Management.

To learn more about incidents, and the responses to them, refer to the documents on the MyODP website and / or ask your Supports Coordinator.

On the MyODP website find documents and resources that include:

ODP Announcement 22-048(PDF, 251KB)
Incident Management Family Guide, was released on 4-27-2022 “To ensure Individuals and Families are provided access to Incident Management resources and training reminding providers of their role and responsibilities in sharing information and providing education on this topic.”

The announcement includes a link to the course which contains the webcast series Responding to Incidents and two guides, the Incident Management Family Guide - When Something Bad Happens to Someone I Care About or Support and A Guide to Victim’s Assistance.

ODS Quality Management Plan
(PDF, 139KB)
The Office of Developmental Supports (ODS) Quality Management Plan is based on quality initiative identified by the Office of Developmental Programs. The plan consists of activities designed to meet specific target objective, all of which were developed by ODS committees

Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) Reports
The assessments of the quality services are gathered by independent people in the community from individuals receiving services and their families. Find additional information about IM4Q infosheet from the PA Office of Developmental Programs(PDF, 738KB)  and on the MyODP website. For copies of reports or to learn more about IM4Q in Allegheny County call the Office of Developmental Supports at 412-436-2750 and ask for the IM4Q Lead Staff.

Your SIS-A and PA Supplement Assessment(PDF, 301KB)

To Report Neglect or Abuse

Report neglect or abuse of a child (under 18 years) with or without a disability
Call locally, 412-473-2000 or PA ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313

Report neglect or abuse of an adult (18 through 59 years) with a disability
Call the state at 1-800-490-8505

Report neglect or abuse of an older adult (60 years and older) with or without a disability
Call locally, 412-350-6905 or at the state level, 1-800-490-8505

About ODS

Office Locations

McKnight Road
4550 McKnight Rd., 1st Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: 412-436-2750
Fax: 412-271-1392

Executive Commons Building
110 Roessler Road, Suite 300D
Green Tree, PA 15220

Phone: 412-253-1399
Fax: 412-253-1259

ODS Profile(PDF, 287KB)
One-page overview of ODS and a more detailed description of ODS including legal mandates, administration, fiscal and person statistics, programs and services, and contact information.


  • Erin Dalton, DHS Director
  • Brenda Bulkoski, DHS Deputy Director, Offices of Developmental Supports
  • With local oversight by the Mental Health/Intellectual Disability (MH/ID) Advisory Board
  • Commonwealth oversight by PA Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs
  • Federal oversight by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Annual Plans and Budgets