Visit Day Check In

When You Arrive For a Visit

Potential visitors must first register as an approved visitor. Approved registered visitors must sign up for social visits online.

Approved registered visitors must schedule a visit two days in advance.

Go to the visitor’s window in the main lobby of the jail to check-in for your scheduled visit.

  • Check-in 15 - 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visit.
  • You will need to have the inmate's DOC number in order to complete your check-in.
  • Masks are optional for visitors inside the facility.

Obtain a Visitor's Pass in Exchange for Your Photo ID

  • No one will be admitted for a visit without first obtaining a visitor’s pass.
  • Your photo ID will be returned at the end of the visit in exchange for the visitor’s pass.
  • If a visitor’s pass is not returned (or if it is damaged in any way), visiting privileges will be suspended for an indefinite time.

Inmate DOC Number

Front lobby personnel are prohibited from disclosing an inmate’s DOC number or the names of those on the inmate’s visiting list. This information must be obtained directly from the inmate.

Visitor Recommendations

Dress appropriately.

  • Dress Code
  • If you are not dressed appropriately, you may be denied entry into the jail.

Arrive unimpaired by the use of alcohol or other drugs.

  • A person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be permitted to visit.

Be prepared to go through a metal-detecting scan.

  • All contact visitors and other random visitors may be asked to pass through a scanner which detects drugs and drug residue.

Be prepared to produce your current photo ID.