Workers Compensation

When You Can't Work

Workers Compensation provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job. The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act defines the relationship between an injured worker and his/her employer (the county) in the event of an illness or injury which occurs as a direct result of the employee’s job duties.

Claim Procedure

Injured employees may submit a worker’s compensation claim for medical care and cash benefits, computed at two-thirds of your wage.

The claim will be investigated and either accepted or denied. If the claim is denied, the employee may file an appeal with the Workers Compensation Office of Adjudication, the legal system administered by the Commonwealth. If the claim is accepted, the employee may be offered modified duty, if available from the employee’s department and/or bargaining unit, while medical treatment continues.

Allegheny County claims are administered by a third-party administrator, UPMC Work Partners(PDF, 126KB). Submit your Employee Accident Report form directly to them.

Employees receiving workers compensation benefits are paid on the same schedule as regular employees.

For further claim procedure information, check the Overview and follow the Guidelines.