Paid Sick Leave Act

On September 15, 2021, Allegheny County enacted paid sick leave(PDF, 4MB). Under the ordinance, employers with 26 or more employees have an obligation to notify employees that they are entitled to paid sick time. Section 2406 A of the Ordinance provides that:

Employers shall give written notice that employees are entitled to paid sick time, the amount of paid sick time, and the terms of its use guaranteed under this Article, that retaliation against employees who request or use paid sick time is prohibited and that each employee has the right to file a complaint with the Agency if paid sick time as required by this Section is denied by the employer or the employee is retaliated against for requesting or taking paid sick time.

Filing a Complaint

Questions regarding Paid Sick Leave? Contact us at or call 412-350-1418.

Complaints can be filed online or with a printable PDF.

Paid Sick Leave Notices (Additional Languages)